Friday, July 15, 2011

I guess I now have a career starting...?

Ok, so y'all know my love for photography right? (you-well duh, you started a blog about it) Well, today I found out that my mom got me my new camera with plans of her own....(and yes if you're wonddering, I do get my mischievous conniving ways from her :3) I have now become the family photographer, and along with cheerleading advertisements and stuff like that.....

I now have something to do during the Texas summer heat thats usually around 90-110 degrees
I get to be creative
I get to see my work, along with a BUNCH of other people, around town(which makes me feel speciale!)
I get to use my new camera!
I am now getting to take pictures of the entire football team at LV for a fundraiser(longg story behind that one....)
I get personal humor, making certain people look funny, before I take "real" pictures
I am getting things to put on future resumes
I get to play around and learn more about my camera and all that is photography

I have to take pictures in uncomfortable postitions
The people I'm taking pictures of, don't really want their pictures taken....
It takes FOREVER and BAJILLIONS of pictures to get one that every one approves of
Its another opportunity for people to criticize my work( theres a difference between criticizing me and criticizing my work and i hate when people criticize my work!)
My computers memory, along with my camera chip's, is quickly filling up...
I'm now extremely affriad that I will dissapoint people on pictures or acciedently delete all of them(again) and have to go through the entire process again

Well, to me the pros outway the cons, so I'm fairly excited about this!

Here are two of my products so far.....
This is the booster card I made for the 2011-2012 freshman cheerleaders
My English teacher, Mrs. Parker, who is also the cheerleading sponsor, came up to me in my BIM/computer/blow-off class and asked if I would make the booster for next year. The other sponsor and her said they loved it, then proceeded to show it off to almost every faculty member they could find...
My cousins cheerleading ad
My cousin, Cassidy, made the cheerleading squad at one of the private schools in town, TLC. She is extremely happy about it, but not too happy about all the makeup, hair, and pictures, haha. Joining the squad has probably been one of the best things for, and she is going to do great! I love her so much!! I can't wait to take pictures of her at the games!

I also took some portraits, but I haven't uploaded them on to my computer yet(which I now realize is pretty much my excuse for not having many pictures, but THAT WILL CHANGE!!!hopefully......)

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