Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clouds, my strange facination..

(Sorry..I was distracted by my friends and the internet, or this would have been uploaded yesterday:3)
Ok, I have this strange obsession with clouds. I do not understand why, but I'm one of those people that you can find in a tree or layin on the trampoline or something like that, staring at the clouds while listening to music. I can stare at them for HOURS, watching the puffyness creep along the sky. Here are a few of the pictures I took of the clouds. :)
These were the begining of the first storm we have had in a longggg time.

Heading to ride, still part of the storm.

While riding, same storm  building.

As it was about to pour, you can see the reflection of the fires.
Here are some of the ones I took in Colorado.

These are some what ominous.

Kinda creepy, right?

So awesome looking, while being so eerie.

 And these are just a few. I have MANY pictures of clouds! I love how they are never the same and they can look like so many different things, depending on the perspective. Most people probably think I'm stupid for thinking this, but I don't care, I'm being me. :)

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