Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Main Subjects in My Photos

If I'm not taking pictures of the scenery, I usually take pictures of my pets

Griz, my blue healer, who is the love of my life and my child who loves getting pictures taken of him.

Ziva, she's my pound puppy that me and my dad rescued. She's a little camera shy :(

And this is the rest of the crew: Hoo the lovable giant, Lola, the new adorable but uncooperative puppy, Follie, the spazing tyrant, and Sugar, my sweetypie I got for my 5th birthday. Hoo, Lola, and Follie are my step-grandparents' dogs, and Sugar has been adopted my grandfather. I usually take pictures of my horses, but I don't have any right now"/

My addiction

Ever since I can remember, I've been on a horse or with a camera in my hand.

I love anything and everything about cameras, the art of photography, and film like activities. I don't get much time to take pictures, but when I do, I tend to get very "snap happy." I don't have many on my computer, but I just got a new camera, and I plan on taking a lot this summer, especially on vacation to Colorado and when I hang out with my friends. So sit back and enjoy seeing the life on the other side of the lense for me, Lauren Chanel Weaver.