Thursday, July 14, 2011

Colorful Colorado

So, like I said before, I just got back from Colorado, well a few days ago. I didn't take too many pictures, like I was expecting, but I think I got some really good ones. I still haven't uploaded any off my camera, but here are the ones I took on my phone.
Me playing in the snow, in the middle of the summer...nbd ;)

Beautiful<3 (with some more awesome clouds(: )
This is Will. He is my new favorite person and the cutest/sweetest person ever<3 :)
Really bad picture, but its a random picture of me and Levi with Danny in the back.
I really hated coming home! I love it there soooo much!! The weather could not have been more awesome, the scenery was breath-taking, as always, I loved getting to spend time with my grandparents, and I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends, who I already miss like crazy!

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